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OtakuPink Scanlations

Otaku Pink is no longer active.

Anyone can download our doujinshi. All doujinshi will be labeled with warnings. If you shouldn't be looking, please don't. If our links are dead then please don't ask us to re-upload. Since we allow free posting of our work, chances are you will be able to find it elsewhere.

You may post and share our scanlations anywhere you want, just please leave our credit insert page. If you would like to post our scanlations on your site or translate them into another language, go right ahead. In regards to using the scans for icon-making, layouts, etc… The artwork belongs to the individual doujinshi authors. Please be sure to credit them for their beautiful art.

Please enjoy the fruits of our labor! <3

The Staff

yume_no_koe - Leader Lady, Translator, Cleaner
norcalsanjifan - Editor
sanguine_vlos - Editor
licie_oic - Quality Check