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Leader Lady

yume_no_koe in otakupink

One Piece - Pipipi

Fandom: One Piece
Name: Pipipi
Circle: Fuzi
Translated by: yume_no_koe
Edited by: yume_no_koe
QC’d by: licie_oic
Pairing: Franky x Robin + Chopper
Warnings: None



Urm... I never come across this pairing, and never would've thought of such pairing... grab it! *crossfingers* thank you!
Thank you ^^
thank you for it:)
I love all of One Piece dj. Thank you so much
thank you ♥
Thanks a ton for the release :3

thank you for sharing your new work and all the hard work you did, I'm looking forward to read!!!
Thank you so much.
wao!That's cool!Thank you so muchhhhhh
Thank you! :D
haahaha aw this is cyute :3
wow!! it's the my first time contacting franky x robin (um.. chopper exclude...,) I'm very glad to this thing !!! thank you for your sharing and scanlation >ㅅ
Thank you for working on this and sharing :)
thank you very much! love robin :3

It's so great to find some cute, worksafe manga, but it looks like the links are gone. I'd love to see these One Piece doujins get uploaded again, if you had the time. :)
Thank you!
thank you