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yume_no_koe in otakupink

THANK YOU a million times over!!!

First off, I can't even begin to thank everyone enough. I honestly didn't think I would be lucky enough to get even half of them back, but oh my goodness... Out of the nearly two hundred doujinshi I translated over the years, I have all of them back save what's on the list below. It will take some time for me upload them all again to each page, and I need to find something better than sendspace, but I promise that I will get it done! You have all been amazing! Thank you all a million times over!!!

List of the last of what I'm looking for:

Card Captor Sakura - Delicious Way
Fullmetal Alchemist - EdAl #1
Harry Potter - The Sleepy Wizard
Sailor Moon - Over the Lights, Under the Moon

One Piece - Aquatic Angel
One Piece - Blacklist
One Piece - Time of Happiness
One Piece - Cocoon

Prince of Tennis - Reason to Smile
Prince of Tennis - Plus
Prince of Tennis - Collaboration

Prince of Tennis - Dream Story
Prince of Tennis - At the time of your innocence
Prince of Tennis - Gate Wey

Saiyuki - Yukibotoke (Snowman)
Saiyuki - Love Songs


Perfect! Thank you!!!!!!
I have "Delicious Way" and "Over the lights, under the moon" on my computer still. I don't have any accounts to upload it anywhere but I could zip them and send them to you as an email attachment perhaps.
If you wouldn't mind emailing them to me, that would be wonderful! My email is yume dot no dot koe at gmail dot com. ^_^
just sent you the email. let me know if it didn't send or something. I'll try again in the morning if it didn't :3
I have FMA-EdAl #1, HP-The Sleepy Wizard, OP-Time of Happiness, OP-Cocoon, PoT-Reason to Smile, PoT-Plus, and PoT-Dream Story. I also do not have any accounts to upload them to, but can e-mail you the zips/rar files.
guess you don't need the one piece ones. i'll e-mail you the others.
Hello hello :)
I sent you a message with the links, when I try to leave a comment seems to be spam
See ya and good luck!
I'm soo glad you were able to get the majority, woohoo! That is just soo awesome ^_^
For new hosts, I believe you can get 10gb with box.net and also with minus. But if signing up with minus through an invite, you'll get an extra gb. I'll be happy to send you one if you need it.

I've just emailed the following three:

Prince of Tennis - Collaboration
Prince of Tennis - At the time of your innocence
Prince of Tennis - Gate Wey

Based on the comments here that should be it? :)
i have Snowman (Saiyuki) if you still need it.


I have all 5 of your remaining DJs. How can I get them to you? I'm sure you understand why I am not posting my email here. I have to work all weekend, (12 hour shifts) but I will check the posts for your instructions on Monday. Have a great weekend.
I was already able to get all of the doujinshi. Thank you very much though! ^___^