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Hello everyone,

For the last couple of months, many of you have asked me to re-upload my scanlations. I wish I could. I was keeping all of them on an external hard drive. That external hard drive died, causing me to lose all my information. I have tried everything, save paying the couple thousand it would take for the professionals to take it into the white room, which I can't afford. I lost many irreplaceable family pictures along with a lot of other important personal things.

I would like to ask any of you who still have my doujinshi scanlations to please please please, help me out. If you could upload them and post links in the comments of each doujinshi, I would be forever appreciative. I spent years making them and will be devastated if I lose all of them.

Thank you,



I am missing all of them. I kept none of them on my computer. Anything would be a great help.
I have 3 of them Honeymoon, Maple and Pipipi. I am just trying to get my 4shared account to work. Haven't used it since I created it. Once I figure it out I will send you the links.

Sorry to hear about your external drive. Horrible that you lost picture. I have moved most of my stuff to my external now you are making me think I should buy another external to backup my external hard to.
Thank you so much!

I have learned my lesson. I will be getting extra's from now on.
I'm so sorry to hear that you've lost all your pictures! :( That's awful.

I have all the Tiger and Bunny stuff, plus Ikumen After. I'm sure I've got a bunch of other stuff squirreled away, but it's going to take me a few days to sort through it all. I can start with the T&B and Ikumen After, though. I'll edit this comment with links as I go.
Thank you for offering, but I think you might be thinking of another group. I never scanslated any T&B or Ikumen. Thanks though~
My first comment was marked as spam. So, here's the comment without the link:

There Is a product I've used with great success that you might give a shot. It does cost money, but it's not very expensive and you can try it first (before buying) to see if it finds anything. As a warning, it could take several days to run, depending on the size of the drive and how much it finds.

It's called GetDataBack
Thank you for the idea. I've already tried something like that and it was a no go, but I'll think about it~
I have the scanalation you did of my Saiyuki doujinshi Prayer by Angel Night... I'm uploading now as we speak for you! ;)

Edited to say: I also have 36.9C and Wish which I think are yours. Will upload those too.

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Thank you!!!
I only had two DJs; I sent link to uploaded files via PM to your personal LJ, since I didn't feel comfortable with open posting.
Thank you!
Though you know you mentioned you already tried recovery software, have you tried photorec?
It's free software, and you can run it from SystemRescueCD (a free rescue CD you can boot from).
Though it's not the easiest software to use, it's helped me in the past, and it's free.

Also, do you happen to have the file names of the lost files (or some defining file name attribute, like [pink] in the filename)? That would be incredibly helpful, as I could then search for them (on my own system) more efficiently.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I'm going to try a few more things.

A lot of people have already sent me a bunch of them. Once they are done, I'll compose a list of what I'm still looking for. Thank you!!
I think I have most of your DJs, I will try to compile them in one big zip and uploaded it, gimme a few days, don't know how long it will takes, since you have so many releases, luckily I always try to sorted scanlation files by the scanlators.

Depend on how big the total file size, might have to separate them into several big zips XD

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Thank you!!!
Thank you so much!!!
Hi there Yume_no_koe!
Aww, that sux about your hard drive *hugglz* The first time that happened to me, it was too much, I had to get it recovered. Not all the info was recovered but at leas 90% of it was and only cost me a couple hundred US dollars but this was some time ago. And I took it to my computer shop, a small ma & pa kinda place.
The 2nd time it happened I was told to try another case so I got one and transferred the hard drive to its new case. The hard drive itself is still kinda iffy, but at least I was able to get it to boot up and copy/move everything from it. Hope that helps some.

And I'll also try to help with re-upping. Good Luck with the hard drive! *hugglz*

I saw somebody uploaded a crapload- do you still need the Dragonball book Moon Shiny? That's the only one I have saved.
I don't have that one yet, so that would be great!
I have at least the 3 Wild Adapter Dj's you've scanalated, Jamoi-02,M³, and Delusion. Has anyone uploaded it yet?
I'll try to search in my hard drive for more ^_^
I do already have those ones, but thank you so much for offering!
Have you looked at drivefish.com? I had a good experience with them and they recovered all of my files from my corrupted external, and at least they don't cost a couple thousand. S:
I'm sorry about your external harddrive..It happened to me before... >.<

I'll try searching through my backups if I have any of your scanlations in them. Is any upload engine fine?

Cheer up!! *passes chocs and cookies*
I'll see what I have and send them your way.
I have all the Get backers' s doujinshi, you need some of them?
I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope that you can get them all back.
I'm sorry about your info.
Aum.. I'm not sure, but I have 2 doujin from Prince of Tennis that I don't remember where I donwloaded, could it be, probably, that it was yours?
The titles are: "Crescendo" from Hideki Kawai and "Do you mean it" from Mitsuzuki Syouri.
If that's the case send me a PM, please.